#LOADEDLOVE for Harvesters

#LOADEDLOVE for Harvesters

November 01, 2016 0 Comments

As we approach November, it is the month of giving and sharing. I do believe we should touch base on our Loaded Love. We get so busy throughout the years that we forget to pay it forward. However, Loaded Vodka and I would like to dedicate this entry to specifically giving. As you know, we originated in Kansas City so we decided that's the perfect place to start.

Harvesters, located in Kansas City is a great resource if you are looking to volunteer or participate this giving season. As a foundation, they do an excellent job at giving back to the community and helping those in need. They started in 1979, and since have steadily reached out to many. Harvesters feed around 60,000 people in one week alone.

If you or any friends are looking for a way to give back as well, we suggest volunteering for them. It is never too late to extend a helping hand. For those not located in Kansas City, look in your area and see who you can help.



Lets Load up on Love.

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