October 21, 2016 0 Comments

Loaded Contest | Lars Vincent

We are coming up towards the end of the month...this one went by in a blink of an eye! So much activities, events, contests going on, I can barely keep up! I wanted to share some fun and exciting news with you all...

Are you ready for it?

LŌADED Vodka is wanting to help you get into the holiday spirit! Enter to win our October contest. It's super simple, and you can get creative with it!

To win all you need to do is: dress up your LŌADED Vodka bottle, Halloween-style and tag us in your photo! If selected, you will be featured on our blog page, and will also get the chance to win LŌADED Vodka merchandise!

Looking forward to see all of your photos!

Be sure to tag @lifeisloaded on twitter, @loadedvodka on Instagram! And use the Hashtag #loadedcontest so you can be sure we see it!

Trick or Treat?

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